Department of Energy Releases New Wind Vision

You can find the full report here. The DOE’s new Wind Vision Report explores our nation’s potential to increase its energy production from wind power.    According to the report, America’s wind power capacity has tripled since the 2008 release of the Energy Department’s 20% Wind Energy by 2030 report, making it more clear than ever that it will be possible for the U.S. to generate a significant portion of its power from land-based, offshore and distributed wind facilities by 2030. The report outlines numerous benefits the U.S. will receive from increasing our domestic production of wind energy, including reduced pollution, increased domestic employment, consumer cost savings, water conservation, nationwide availability, and increased community revenues. Continue reading

New study shows wind industry benefits in Maine

A new study analyzing the environmental impacts of Maine’s wind turbines has been released by Massachusetts-based Sustainable Energy Advantage (SEA). The study finds that Maine’s wind energy facilities have a strong positive impact on the health and environment in the state, by reducing emissions from energy generation.  You can find the full study here.  Continue reading

New Health Canada Study shows wind turbines do not adversely impact human health

Health Canada just completed the most comprehensive and largest study on wind energy and health to date.  They collected data for two years, and they have released their summary report today.  The good news is – the results support what previous studies have concluded: wind turbines are not related to adverse health. Read the complete summary from Health Canada, here.  Key findings are: Continue reading

Downeast Wind Blog Coming Soon!

Welcome to the Downeast Wind blog.  This is where you'll find updates on the project, interesting news reports and studies relating to the project, and personal stories from local residents and leaders.  Check back soon for more information about wind energy and Downeast Wind!