New study shows wind industry benefits in Maine

A new study analyzing the environmental impacts of Maine’s wind turbines has been released by Massachusetts-based Sustainable Energy Advantage (SEA). The study finds that Maine’s wind energy facilities have a strong positive impact on the health and environment in the state, by reducing emissions from energy generation.  You can find the full study here

According to the study, wind power has decreased carbon dioxide emissions by 490,000 tons since 2013. Jeremy Payne, Executive Director of the Maine Renewable Energy Association, said, “This is the equivalent of the pollution from 94,000 Maine automobiles.”

The study also finds that wind power has reduced both sulfur oxide emissions and nitrogen oxide emissions by 201 tons and 123 tons, respectively. According to Payne, sulfur dioxide and nitrous oxide are prominent contributors to acid rain, which can harm lakes, rivers and oceans. Payne added that these pollutants are also to blame for smog and unhealthy air conditions that complicate respiratory and cardiovascular disease.

Wind power in Maine is expected to decrease greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the state’s net emissions by more than 2 million tons of carbon dioxide by 2020.