AWEA: How does wind help the family farm stay in the family?

We know that wind power is a powerful, renewable energy source. Did you know that wind farms also help landowners keep their farms in the family by providing revenue and royalties from the power provided? Each year, American landowners receive $222 million in lease payments alone. Wind is a drought-resistant crop that is reliable and not subject to fluctuating crop prices. 

Greg Alvarez of the American Wind Energy Association went on a tour through Colorado looking for the community impacts of wind power. During his trip, he met Jason Wilson of Calhan, Colorado, whose family almost had to give up its 76-year-old farm because it wasn't financially profitable anymore. Wilson said, "The wind farm allowed us to be able to keep our family farm. The wind farm balanced the financial viability with the sentimental value, allowing the family farm to be passed on to the next generation."

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Tax revenue from wind farms is helping communities thrive. In northeastern Colorado, a fire station in a town called Peetz got to reap the benefits of increased property taxes from nearby wind farms. The increased tax revenue allowed the station to buy brand-new fire trucks, which was a first for Peetz. Previously, Peetz had had to use hand-me-down fire trucks from neighboring towns.


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