Winter community grants from Downeast Wind awarded to five local organizations

COLUMBIA, ME  February 22, 2022 – Downeast Wind and Apex Clean Energy are pleased to announce five organizations as the latest recipients of funds from the Downeast Wind Community Grant Program. The program, which recently concluded its fourth grant cycle, is designed to support individuals and organizations working to build healthy communities, support economic development, foster environmental sustainability, or promote education.

“We are proud to once again recognize the amazing work so many non-profit organizations are doing throughout the Downeast region. These organizations truly care about our region and are working hard every day to make Washington County a better place to live,” said Downeast Wind Development Manager Robert Gee.

The Coastal Washington County Institute of Technology (CWCIT) will receive a grant to provide laptops to the school's computer-aided design and pre-engineering programs.

"The Coastal Washington County Institute of Technology is thrilled with the generous support of Apex Clean Energy," said CWCIT administrator Nancy Bailey. "We are in year two of offering local juniors and seniors the opportunity for CTE Education close to home. These funds will be used to purchase much needed computers for the CAD Program that we were unable to start without proper technology. This grant will help us reach that goal."

Maine Access Points, a non-profit organization working to grow community capacity for overdose prevention education, support, and advocacy throughout the region, received a grant to reduce overdose deaths by investing in proven harm reduction strategies and support systems that meet the needs of rural, high-risk Mainers.

MAP Executive Director Hilary Eslinger described the program. "Through innovative approaches, community outreach, and with help from Downeast Wind, MAP will support health and wellness in Washington County by increasing access to first-aid supplies and naloxone, as well as harm reduction health education," said Eslinger.

A grant to the Downeast Salmon Federation will support the construction of a new public recreation and education space on the Pleasant River in Addison. The project includes a covered, ADA accessible bird observation structure near the Addison Town Boat Launch. 

The Maine Seacoast Mission is receiving a grant to assemble and distribute prepared meals to Washington County residents suffering from food insecurity. 

"Rural Maine can be a challenging place to live – especially in a cold winter. The support the Maine Seacoast Mission has received through the Downeast Wind community grant program is already at work feeding people in Downeast Maine from our food pantry and in their homes through our home delivery initiative," said Maine Seacoast Mission President John Zavodny. "Altogether, that’s over 240 meals we are able to provide to people in Washington County because of Downeast Wind community grants and Apex Clean Energy's support. Thank you!"

The Machias Bay Area Chamber of Commerce applied for a grant to support a historic film series the chamber has planned for March 2022. Chamber director Sharon Mack was excited to hear their application was accepted.

"Thank you to Downeast Wind for supporting the historic film and discussion series planned for this spring. Thanks to their support, we will be able to offer an honorarium to our speakers and provide quality experts to educate attendees about the deep and rich history of the greater Machias area," said Mack.

Among Downeast Wind's top priorities is being a strong community partner to the residents, businesses, local governments, and non-profit organizations of Washington County. In addition to the support provided by the Downeast Wind Community Grant Program, the project will bring more than $20 million of new revenue to the Town of Columbia and Washington County to support community priorities as well as significant local spending, employment, and investment during project construction and operations.

To learn more about the Downeast Wind community grant program, or to apply for a future grant, visit